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Metal Then and Now

I was looking at a Rock and Roll site earlier seeing what kind of news I could find, and I saw something off to the side “Hottest Chicks of Metal” I had to have a looksee naturally! Mind you, I haven’t been a total metal head since 2002. So, every woman on that list I didn’t know. My mind instantly thought back of “back in the day” It wasn’t really about looks, or which chick was hotter and in a magazine; it was about the quality of music they put out. Appearance was a bonus, but you didn’t see the women of metal in the late 90’s exactly on a cover almost in the nude. My case in point, the band Kittie in 2000…….

They didn’t need to be drop dead gorgeous metal bombshell on a sticky page in order to sell music. Their music sold itself. Needless to say, I was completely amused by the list. I had to listen to the bands these women were in. They all sounded almost exactly alike. Then it dawned on me, No wonder they’re in magazines! I decided to take a poll amongst my own peers who were hardcore metal heads back in the day and remain so now.

Here are three of the best….

“The ladies of Kittie could beat the shit outta these Halestorm girls any day of the week!”

“lates 90’s early 00’s all the way…..”metal” nowadays is a bullshit excuse for music imo…that and im about tired of the “emo” look…jus sayin”

“That and it was about the music,not image. These days it seems the way you look is most important. It’s the main reason I cannot get into the newer “metal” bands because they all look and sound the same. At least there was more variety in the 90’s. Nowadays there is almost a total loss of passion in the music being made. Granted it’s just my opinion but still.”

These points of view were what I happened to be thinking. Metal does sound the exact same anymore. It’s definitely not what it once was the last time I was in the know! It’s interesting how Rock/Progressive Rock/Metal is taking a major step forward with bands like “Rival Sons”, “Porcupine Tree”, and “Animals as Leaders”  But, what happened to Metal exactly? If it’s about “the look” the music is obviously losing its momentum. Looking at different bands biographies, it seems a lot are coming out of So.Cal. I can remember a time when anything that came out of L.A. rocked! But, that was a different time and place 7 to 10 years ago…… I’m not an expert on this topic, but let’s just hope our old school heroes keep putting out as much as they can to keep the hope alive. *Fingers Crossed*

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According to a new finding, in 2030 42% of Americans will be obese.

This is absolutely alarming and telling of how we need to change our lives. Look, by no means will you find my picture next to the definition of Health, but I do my best to try to stay healthy. I believe this all starts with our children. I saw Vinnie Politan on HLN news speak about this. He brought up the same point I was thinking. Generations and times have changed so much over the decades.

The Old Days
Children would walk home from school, and even if they had a ride home they would spend the majority of their time riding bikes, and playing. They ate home cooked meals, ate way more fruits and vegetables, and nutritional foods. Parents took active steps in preventing their children from becoming obese.

Now Days
Children are picked up from school and more times than not, taken to the nearest drive thru for a Happy Meal. Children sit on the computer or in front of a video game with very little physical activity.

In a fast paced society it’s easy to get take out or delivery. It’s much more appetizing to eat a pizza rather than a healthy salad. Soda is tastier than water; however look at its effects. It’s also easy for people to overlook children’s weight gain. What is the good in that though? Not only is visible to everyone else but it’s also apparent to the children and their self esteem. Childhood obesity is in fact an issue in the United States and that 42% figure will no doubt be our current youth. We have to do as much as we can to stop this. It starts with taking active steps to encourage healthy choices.

As parents it starts with you. You are the one who prepares meals, buys the vitamins, and gives them what they drink as toddlers and small children. Instead of encouraging hamburgers and French fries, try fruit slices with a dab of peanut butter. Cook meals at home and rely less on your fast food intake. Set a realistic goal for your child. Maybe take a family walk with your children. There are thousands of things you as a parent can do to prevent and combat your child’s potential obesity.

Below are some useful links to click!


This is what really matters. In the hundreds of issues surrounding our everyday lives, this is a big one!

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Sound Off Saturday 
First Edition

Cultural Pluralism- Term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture provided they are consistent with the laws and values of the wider society. (wikipedia.org)

Question- Do you believe where you live is accepting of many other cultures? If not, what can your community do to be more accepting of others? Why do you think bigger cities are more Cultural pluralistic than smaller towns?

I think bigger cities with larger collegiate opportunities attract a higher rate of diversity because of the educational value offered and the wider variety of employment opportunity. With the growing number of diverse cultures in a city with approximately 1million versus 200,000, I believe other all boils down to “getting used” to such a transformation within the society. Coming from someone who attended a school with 0-5 African American students who now resides in a metropolis where a larger percentage of it’s population is not Caucasian… (Kendra Rheam..Oklahoma City, OK)

I feel like for me, its the opposite. Coming from a small town and moving to a city that is much bigger, I do see a lot more diversity but I notice that sometimes they’re a lot more elite and if you’re not “in” then you’re nobody. In small towns, the groups aren’t as large and diverse, but leaving social attributes out of the mix, small towns are lot more “accepting” in terms of people in general. Maybe not of their lifestyle, but the fact that they are a person and should be respected as such. (Clint Daniel… Kansas City, MO)

There have been some studies done on this phenomena. A lot of them have focused on why urban areas with good universities have higher levels of entrepreneurship and creativity. Most of them concluded that a diverse, educated population generates more ideas when they live closer together.
This contrasts to more suburban areas where people live farther apart. They don’t have the same amount of interaction or idea genesis.
The interesting thing is that start-ups and entrepreneurship is in some decline in traditional places like Boston/Cambridge, NYC, etc. and growing in areas like Austin, North Carolina, and abroad. They theorize that the cost of living in major urban areas has become so high that it is pricing out the younger, diverse populations that used to live there. For example, in Boston, more young people are forced to live farther apart in disparate suburbs or away from the colleges. Other cheaper areas that still have good schools and lower costs of living attract the same type of people who were once created businesses elsewhere. It’s an interesting way to think about urban planning and an opportunity for schools to cultivate entrepreneurship. (Jeffrey Kramer.. Chicago, IL) 

What about your city? What are your views?


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Mommy Blogging…I Wouldn’t Read This

I have a serious gripe about something, and I’m going to let my opinion flow oh so freely! I’ll read through a lot of blogs and one thing seems to bond all these bloggers together…. Motherhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be a mommy! I just refuse to do this cliché let’s all do the same thing and absolutely nothing unique and creative. My idea of mommy blogging would be keeping things fresh, and not sticking pictures of my son up with applesauce all over his face talking about his terrible two tantrums. Last time I checked, that was normal. I’ll be the one letting you know when my current non-existent but future son and his father have up their horns head-banging to Metallica. But, I’m going to speak for my status now.

Mothers automatically have something in common to talk about. They see one mom, they’ll follow her. Us out there who don’t have babies can’t relate completely to the talk, so in essence we are the splinters in this strange wooden plank that Mommy bloggers have built themselves together as.


The above link is for non-mommy bloggers.. Brilliant!

The most important rule of blogging is to focus on your target audience. This is great for parents, but you are losing viewers and readers who cannot relate to what you have to say. Expanding your focus group a little is in order sometimes.

The exception to this would of course be if you have a personal blog. If so, than everything I say is in one ear right out the other. But, if you have a strong following and you’re on all the search engines…etc..etc. for all the notoriety that you gain, you’ll lose by readers that perhaps could gain something from your writing but you focus on you and your tight nit group. I read about PR agents and all these advertisers giving these mommy bloggers something. Why?! How would you get advertisements when that girl in Tennessee who is TRYING for a baby (not a mother yet) who writes quality blogs that are actually amusing doesn’t get any benefit?! …Come on people! Advertisers! You really need to change what you go after! You want a blogger to put up an advertisement for Huggies diapers, I’d choose the bloggers who are different and have something fun going on (Which are almost half of the bloggers globally!) Mommy blog for fun and personal use, not for something to gain!

The one thing I look at is who generally reads my stuff. I have couples who quite frankly do not want children, older people who want to hear about my views on morality and the world, and people who have children that want to know what they could do as a family that would be fun. I have a blended audience. As a blogger, it’s my duty to balance it all out. It’s about something for everyone if you will.

This isn’t just limited to mommy bloggers, as it is for pets, sheets, rock collections, birds, frosted cakes, and rainbows… Get my drift? It’s dull to keep it on one thing without shaking things up! Not all the time, but just enough to keep people interested! Even the oldest of people like entertainment.

Make like a tree and branch out!

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Boo in the Paper

I wrote a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper about a story I read about. A Home Health Worker stole from a 98 year old woman. I was outraged and had to express my opinion! Needless to say, I received a call from my Nana telling me that her and my Grandad loved it and her English friend, Thelma also loved it. I was surprised because I didn’t expect it to be put in the paper. More less, the Sunday paper! Even though it’s nothing big, it’s pretty cool! 🙂

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OOOOk-lahoma Where the Wind comes Sweepin’ Down the Plains!

Yesterday I went to Oklahoma City to spend the day with my best friend, Kendra and her two little girls. Truth be known, I’ve never actually been inside Oklahoma City proper. I’ve always just been to the airport and back; which is what I know hundreds have done being from North Texas. Every time I go to a new city I get excited because there is something to learn and see. Here’s a bit of Oklahoma City for everyone!

Café Bella Tea Bar & Bistro

Lydia drinking the yummalicious tea!
Miss. Kiera 

We met here first for some lunch.
It’s charming quaint, and the friendliest staff hands down. Such a clean little place with fabulous food and drink! I suggest stopping here if you ever make your way up to Oklahoma City!

Oklahoma City National Memorial 

As we were driving into downtown, I saw this beautiful pool of water and statue piece far off. As we turned a corner I asked Kendra, “What is this??” She then said “That’s where the Oklahoma City Bombing took place.. It’s the memorial site”.. I got this picture right as we were about to turn. It was a moment of sadness and loss for those victims. I instantly reflected to that day and it was almost unreal to think this was the site where all that devastation occurred. The next time I’m in Oklahoma City, I plan to walk through it and pay my respects. I don’t think anyone will forget what happened to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that day on April 19, 1995.

Downtown OKC and Bricktown

Oklahoma City downtown is a happenin’ little place. Construction work was being done, but all in all it seemed bustling with activity. There is a park downtown that Kiera yelled “WOOOAH!!!” She was excited and wanted to climb on top of the rock fountain to get in the water. Also to note; a Botanical Garden!

Bricktown was too cool! There are so many things to do and the walk at night I’m guessing would be amazing! There are shops to see, night life for those who never sleep, and events going on all the time. The canal is really awesome. In a way it reminded me a lot of a simpler low key version of San Antonio’s River walk.  Kendra’s 4 year old; Kiera tried her hardest to hold my hand but was far too excited with all the things to see to do so. Kid approved and fun for everyone!

                                           Kiera Leading the way

Lake Hefner 

Naturesque but within city limits! It’s this really well kept lake that isn’t far away from where you actually want to sleep at night. (Unless you’re a camping enthusiast) What I loved the most about Lake Hefner were the parks they had for the children right next to the lake. I thought that was a wonderful touch! There’s much to do at Lake Hefner and definitely worth checking out!

I had a fabulous time with my best friend and her two girls! If you’ve never been to Oklahoma and a lady, might I suggest never wearing your hair down. Oklahoma is WINDY! Chicago has some serious competition on the real! I was completely wind-blown! Driving up to Oklahoma City was a battle between the road and my car. Within Oklahoma City Limits I’m quite certain I could have flown away.

                         Kendra and I at Lake Hefner…Windblown!

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