Metal Then and Now

I was looking at a Rock and Roll site earlier seeing what kind of news I could find, and I saw something off to the side “Hottest Chicks of Metal” I had to have a looksee naturally! Mind you, I haven’t been a total metal head since 2002. So, every woman on that list I didn’t know. My mind instantly thought back of “back in the day” It wasn’t really about looks, or which chick was hotter and in a magazine; it was about the quality of music they put out. Appearance was a bonus, but you didn’t see the women of metal in the late 90’s exactly on a cover almost in the nude. My case in point, the band Kittie in 2000…….

They didn’t need to be drop dead gorgeous metal bombshell on a sticky page in order to sell music. Their music sold itself. Needless to say, I was completely amused by the list. I had to listen to the bands these women were in. They all sounded almost exactly alike. Then it dawned on me, No wonder they’re in magazines! I decided to take a poll amongst my own peers who were hardcore metal heads back in the day and remain so now.

Here are three of the best….

“The ladies of Kittie could beat the shit outta these Halestorm girls any day of the week!”

“lates 90’s early 00’s all the way…..”metal” nowadays is a bullshit excuse for music imo…that and im about tired of the “emo” look…jus sayin”

“That and it was about the music,not image. These days it seems the way you look is most important. It’s the main reason I cannot get into the newer “metal” bands because they all look and sound the same. At least there was more variety in the 90’s. Nowadays there is almost a total loss of passion in the music being made. Granted it’s just my opinion but still.”

These points of view were what I happened to be thinking. Metal does sound the exact same anymore. It’s definitely not what it once was the last time I was in the know! It’s interesting how Rock/Progressive Rock/Metal is taking a major step forward with bands like “Rival Sons”, “Porcupine Tree”, and “Animals as Leaders”  But, what happened to Metal exactly? If it’s about “the look” the music is obviously losing its momentum. Looking at different bands biographies, it seems a lot are coming out of So.Cal. I can remember a time when anything that came out of L.A. rocked! But, that was a different time and place 7 to 10 years ago…… I’m not an expert on this topic, but let’s just hope our old school heroes keep putting out as much as they can to keep the hope alive. *Fingers Crossed*

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