According to a new finding, in 2030 42% of Americans will be obese.

This is absolutely alarming and telling of how we need to change our lives. Look, by no means will you find my picture next to the definition of Health, but I do my best to try to stay healthy. I believe this all starts with our children. I saw Vinnie Politan on HLN news speak about this. He brought up the same point I was thinking. Generations and times have changed so much over the decades.

The Old Days
Children would walk home from school, and even if they had a ride home they would spend the majority of their time riding bikes, and playing. They ate home cooked meals, ate way more fruits and vegetables, and nutritional foods. Parents took active steps in preventing their children from becoming obese.

Now Days
Children are picked up from school and more times than not, taken to the nearest drive thru for a Happy Meal. Children sit on the computer or in front of a video game with very little physical activity.

In a fast paced society it’s easy to get take out or delivery. It’s much more appetizing to eat a pizza rather than a healthy salad. Soda is tastier than water; however look at its effects. It’s also easy for people to overlook children’s weight gain. What is the good in that though? Not only is visible to everyone else but it’s also apparent to the children and their self esteem. Childhood obesity is in fact an issue in the United States and that 42% figure will no doubt be our current youth. We have to do as much as we can to stop this. It starts with taking active steps to encourage healthy choices.

As parents it starts with you. You are the one who prepares meals, buys the vitamins, and gives them what they drink as toddlers and small children. Instead of encouraging hamburgers and French fries, try fruit slices with a dab of peanut butter. Cook meals at home and rely less on your fast food intake. Set a realistic goal for your child. Maybe take a family walk with your children. There are thousands of things you as a parent can do to prevent and combat your child’s potential obesity.

Below are some useful links to click!


This is what really matters. In the hundreds of issues surrounding our everyday lives, this is a big one!

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