Sound Off Saturday 
First Edition

Cultural Pluralism- Term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture provided they are consistent with the laws and values of the wider society. (

Question- Do you believe where you live is accepting of many other cultures? If not, what can your community do to be more accepting of others? Why do you think bigger cities are more Cultural pluralistic than smaller towns?

I think bigger cities with larger collegiate opportunities attract a higher rate of diversity because of the educational value offered and the wider variety of employment opportunity. With the growing number of diverse cultures in a city with approximately 1million versus 200,000, I believe other all boils down to “getting used” to such a transformation within the society. Coming from someone who attended a school with 0-5 African American students who now resides in a metropolis where a larger percentage of it’s population is not Caucasian… (Kendra Rheam..Oklahoma City, OK)

I feel like for me, its the opposite. Coming from a small town and moving to a city that is much bigger, I do see a lot more diversity but I notice that sometimes they’re a lot more elite and if you’re not “in” then you’re nobody. In small towns, the groups aren’t as large and diverse, but leaving social attributes out of the mix, small towns are lot more “accepting” in terms of people in general. Maybe not of their lifestyle, but the fact that they are a person and should be respected as such. (Clint Daniel… Kansas City, MO)

There have been some studies done on this phenomena. A lot of them have focused on why urban areas with good universities have higher levels of entrepreneurship and creativity. Most of them concluded that a diverse, educated population generates more ideas when they live closer together.
This contrasts to more suburban areas where people live farther apart. They don’t have the same amount of interaction or idea genesis.
The interesting thing is that start-ups and entrepreneurship is in some decline in traditional places like Boston/Cambridge, NYC, etc. and growing in areas like Austin, North Carolina, and abroad. They theorize that the cost of living in major urban areas has become so high that it is pricing out the younger, diverse populations that used to live there. For example, in Boston, more young people are forced to live farther apart in disparate suburbs or away from the colleges. Other cheaper areas that still have good schools and lower costs of living attract the same type of people who were once created businesses elsewhere. It’s an interesting way to think about urban planning and an opportunity for schools to cultivate entrepreneurship. (Jeffrey Kramer.. Chicago, IL) 

What about your city? What are your views?


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