OOOOk-lahoma Where the Wind comes Sweepin’ Down the Plains!

Yesterday I went to Oklahoma City to spend the day with my best friend, Kendra and her two little girls. Truth be known, I’ve never actually been inside Oklahoma City proper. I’ve always just been to the airport and back; which is what I know hundreds have done being from North Texas. Every time I go to a new city I get excited because there is something to learn and see. Here’s a bit of Oklahoma City for everyone!

Café Bella Tea Bar & Bistro

Lydia drinking the yummalicious tea!
Miss. Kiera 

We met here first for some lunch.
It’s charming quaint, and the friendliest staff hands down. Such a clean little place with fabulous food and drink! I suggest stopping here if you ever make your way up to Oklahoma City!

Oklahoma City National Memorial 

As we were driving into downtown, I saw this beautiful pool of water and statue piece far off. As we turned a corner I asked Kendra, “What is this??” She then said “That’s where the Oklahoma City Bombing took place.. It’s the memorial site”.. I got this picture right as we were about to turn. It was a moment of sadness and loss for those victims. I instantly reflected to that day and it was almost unreal to think this was the site where all that devastation occurred. The next time I’m in Oklahoma City, I plan to walk through it and pay my respects. I don’t think anyone will forget what happened to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that day on April 19, 1995.

Downtown OKC and Bricktown

Oklahoma City downtown is a happenin’ little place. Construction work was being done, but all in all it seemed bustling with activity. There is a park downtown that Kiera yelled “WOOOAH!!!” She was excited and wanted to climb on top of the rock fountain to get in the water. Also to note; a Botanical Garden!

Bricktown was too cool! There are so many things to do and the walk at night I’m guessing would be amazing! There are shops to see, night life for those who never sleep, and events going on all the time. The canal is really awesome. In a way it reminded me a lot of a simpler low key version of San Antonio’s River walk.  Kendra’s 4 year old; Kiera tried her hardest to hold my hand but was far too excited with all the things to see to do so. Kid approved and fun for everyone!

                                           Kiera Leading the way

Lake Hefner 

Naturesque but within city limits! It’s this really well kept lake that isn’t far away from where you actually want to sleep at night. (Unless you’re a camping enthusiast) What I loved the most about Lake Hefner were the parks they had for the children right next to the lake. I thought that was a wonderful touch! There’s much to do at Lake Hefner and definitely worth checking out!

I had a fabulous time with my best friend and her two girls! If you’ve never been to Oklahoma and a lady, might I suggest never wearing your hair down. Oklahoma is WINDY! Chicago has some serious competition on the real! I was completely wind-blown! Driving up to Oklahoma City was a battle between the road and my car. Within Oklahoma City Limits I’m quite certain I could have flown away.

                         Kendra and I at Lake Hefner…Windblown!

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