I’m Back!

It’s been a cool minute since I’ve been anywhere! With my articles, I’m weeks behind. Even this I’ve neglected to write in lately. I’m practically hardly ever on Facebook anymore, and I’ve completely deleted my old Twitter account, which I’ll create a new one soon I’m sure. I’m taking a slight break from the social media circuit. The reasons aren’t because “it’s old” or any of the other nonsense excuses people use to try to be so “I’m so cool and above things” yada yada go away! I’m literally so excited, nervous, scared, and happy to say anything. I’ll say way too much too soon right now, and that is a total no-no! There are things going on, and to be quite honest with everyone in my life, they’re big things. My tree has been shook, people! What was total sadness went to excitement and hope with still a mixture of sadness. All I can say is very soon things will explain themselves, and all will be well 🙂 I’m back to the old me again though! I was in a sadness funk last week, which is understandable. I found a quote that has me written all over it!

That couldn’t be more Stephanie if it had blond hair, and blue eyes! Until next time everyone!

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