Dorothy Irene Hill

May 9th of 1985 is when my Great Nana passed away. I was reflecting on the day that my family and I drove to Colwyn Bay, North Wales to visit her and my Great Grandad’s final resting place. No one had any idea where their marker was on the walls, but somehow Beth found it immediately. It was almost as if they were showing us where to find them. I didn’t get to know her like I knew my other great grandmother. Great Nana was adored. It took me back by how many people just loved her so much. She was a writer like me. I love to think that I got the ability to write from her. She wrote a memoir on her childhood that I can’t wait to read, and won’t read it until on my plane ride back to England. On the 9th, I knew somehow she would be with me. In more ways than one she has been. People always say there’s a reason for everything, and I truly believe that as I sit here tonight. Thank you, Great Nana for this feeling, guidance, and reassurance. I’m going for it. 

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