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Daily Smile

                              “Luv your Life” =)                                            … Continue reading

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Daily Smile

                                Always and Forever xxx

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Metal Then and Now

I was looking at a Rock and Roll site earlier seeing what kind of news I could find, and I saw something off to the side “Hottest Chicks of Metal” I had to have a looksee naturally! Mind you, I … Continue reading

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According to a new finding, in 2030 42% of Americans will be obese. This is absolutely alarming and telling of how we need to change our lives. Look, by no means will you find my picture next to the definition … Continue reading

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Sound Off Saturday First EditionCultural Pluralism- Term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture provided they are consistent with the laws and values of … Continue reading

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Mommy Blogging…I Wouldn’t Read This

I have a serious gripe about something, and I’m going to let my opinion flow oh so freely! I’ll read through a lot of blogs and one thing seems to bond all these bloggers together…. Motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Boo in the Paper

I wrote a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper about a story I read about. A Home Health Worker stole from a 98 year old woman. I was outraged and had to express my opinion! Needless to say, … Continue reading

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