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I write for my articles with the One of them happens to be Travel Adventure. I’ve always talk about the importance of seeing things when you can, but I very well know there are so many out there who don’t have the chance to get away. Money is limited and family life will hold you back on exploring. I see so many various blogs/TV shows like No Reservations, and I love it! I think it’s wonderful to keep record of your travels for everyone to see. For the ones who haven’t seen these things; you are bringing a part of this culture to them. That is sharing and inspiring so many people! I always get down on the internet. Yes, I think it can be destructive, but I absolutely love how you can go anywhere in a matter of seconds via Google Earth! People who can’t explore can go virtually anywhere on ground level with a simple click. Isn’t that brilliant?! Just the other night I traveled to Chernobyl, Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Himalayas in my pajamas. This is the one thing that the internet gets totally right! Bringing exploration, culture, and the world to each of us on our computers! 

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