Trading Spouses/Wife Swap

Remember those shows?!

It doesn’t seem like too long ago I was glued to my TV set watching the drama and laughter unfold. Despite the fact that either series didn’t last incredibly long, it seemed to always prove a point as the title said…. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side! (With the exception of that one lady) More times than not the marriage between the husband and wife was struggling, and the kids were always hell on wheels. They bring in this other mommy who brings in her own set of rules, and my how quickly the husband missed his wife! The children were often in tears and little wrecks missing their mommy’s so much. But, they started realizing with this new woman in their lives what they could do to improve their relationship with their own mother. The husbands would get advice from this new woman about how he could make his own wife feel special and it just seemed to work out by the end of each stay for the mom’s. When the proper mom returned home to her family, the whole entire family would be running out to the taxi to hug and kiss her in tears. It made for great reality TV, because it is a massive reality! Reality is, we take people for granted more times than not. Sometimes we have pity parties and feel like we don’t have enough or someone doesn’t do enough. Truth is; your little family is your life! Each of you has a special place with one another. You would be up a creek without a paddle without your family setting! Always remember your heart, your home, and what matters most to you. It definitely does not take swapping wives to figure it out!!

Have a Laugh!!!!

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One Response to Trading Spouses/Wife Swap

  1. Marcie says:

    I did not like these trading shows at all. They always took families that lived so completely different lives that you already knew that a catastrophy will happen in the first two minutes of the show.

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