Movie Weekend! What I watched this past one..

Riding in Cars with Boys
This is staring my favorite actress, Drew Barrymore. She plays a mother (Beverly) in the 70’s who gets pregnant(not planning), has a boy (she wants a girl) wants to go to school (she insists this child won’t stand in her way) and you watch her and her husband, Ray (Steve Zahn) have this volatile relationship, all the while you see their son, Jason go through so much. First of all, Steve Zahn is hilarious! He plays Drew’s husband in the movie, and he’s that guy you just can’t help but like. He has problems with drugs, but you pull for him. Drew is far from the sweet Drew Barrymore we’re used to seeing. Oh, and did I mention Brittany Murphy plays Fay, her best friend? This is a movie that you could see any one of us going through. Any person in the world with any individual could be in this situation.

Hands down this is in my top favorite movies! This stars Bill Paxton, and Matthew McConaughey. First of all, this is a movie you have to watch all the way through to understand. Matthew McConaughey plays Fenton Meiks, whom is telling FBI Agent Doyle that he believes his brother; Adam is the “Gods Hand” serial killer. You flashback to Fenton and Adam’s youth somewhere near Abilene, Texas. The dad, Bill Paxton has “visions” from God, and is asked to be a demon slayer. Both Fenton and his brother help him slay the demons. I can’t go into too many details because it will ruin the plot of it all. If you haven’t watched this movie yet…do so soon! This is that one movie that you choose to put in on rainy Friday night’s. It’s also one that you don’t mind watching every so often!

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