Stephanie’s Opinion

I recall a time when Blogger was a big deal! What?! Some 4 years ago. Everyone was excited by the prospect of writing down their thoughts and posting them on their page. Well, YEAR comes and goes and all these other fancy new things come on to the scene. We’re vlogging now! I vlogged once, and it felt different because it wasn’t me actually writing. I think it’s cool those who do it, but why not write as well too? We have Tumblr now. The pictures that come from that site are too awesome! I’m beyond too computer retarded to even develop a Tumblr page, so more kudos to those who do! But that’s all I see on Tumblr pages is pictures, or a sentence about a day. “I fed the dog, went to the store; I have wings!”

At what point do we start talking quality instead of quantity? It’s supposed to be about being passionate and sharing what you truly enjoy. I just think sometimes we’re losing the true meaning of blogging. Blogging is about inspiring others by what you have to say! In a world of technology at no ending sight ahead; I think good old fashioned blogging gets neglected. To those out there who have a blog and write your heart out; you are what blogging is all about! They do what they do because they are passionate about it! To write is to write. You never stop writing, because it’s inside of you. I hope one day we go back to those days of writing our thoughts and views. (In more than 2 sentences) Writers and Bloggers are journalists in their own right. And, no one could ever take a blog away from these people!

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