"And, I Miss You..Like the Deserts Miss the Rain."

I miss someone A LOT right now. I mean so much that I sit on my front porch and look at the flowers and sigh at the butterflies fluttering by. Let me explain this in layman’s terms.. It’s not that we sit around at home looking for excuses to keep you by our sides. It has nothing to do with jealousy or insecurity. We’re not in the garden shed welding a ball and chain, just to keep you attached to us 24 hours a day. We just in general miss your presence. A lot of wives/girlfriends put the hubs/boyfriend as their best friend. (As it should be) That’s what causes this missing situation. It’s only natural that everyone should have a break. We need it as much as you guys do! But, not all the time, in fact, not nearly as often as most would think. To miss someone is a really sad time. 😥 Good thing there is a fresh pot of coffee brewed!

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