Pacific Ocean

Oceans have always been my place of refuge when I needed to escape from something. I can peer out into the ocean and suddenly feel better inside about everything. I never really just went to sit and read magazines or play Frisbee. I went around sunset, when I could play the guitar and deep think. Luckily for me, I lived right near the Pacific Ocean in SO Cal. This was an ocean that completely moved me. It was stunning in every single aspect imaginable. Looking out into the Pacific for me was like hearing the song “Sleep” Dandy Warhols. (Yes, I am getting into the late 90’s Indie nobody’s that I knew, this song is magic!)

The Atlantic is another ocean that made me happy looking into. It’s not as blue and majestic as the Pacific but it was so charming! The Atlantic at sunset was like looking out trying to find tiny islands covered by haze. But nothing can beat the Pacific. To make short with what could easily become a scroll, I think the ocean has something to offer each of us. It’s amazing how something that has been here longer than any one of us on this earth can absolutely mesmerize you; if you let it!

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