Online Dating Advice

Every once in a blue moon I’ll give out “relationship advice”. Most of the time, it’s for fun and not meant to be taken seriously. It’s one thing to talk about being single and finding love, or healing after a serious breakup. It’s a whole other thing to talk about issues that you more than likely don’t have any experience in. I’m not talking about your best friends in your own personal life that have a problem and come to you. It’s the people online who feel like they are professionals in the matter. We don’t have a PH.D (The Obvious) Why would someone take your advice just because you have “experience”? Still single? No marriage or happiness? I would listen to this person because? When we have a bad relationship or are going through hard times, most of the time we turn to people that are 100% experienced in the situation. Or, I don’t know; our mom’s or friends?! Not some random person in New York! I would pick a different column title… Every relationship is different. I can’t give someone serious advice about their love life considering I have not been in their personal situation. I am not in their shoes or dealt with what they have gone through. Everyone also has different ideas and opinions about love. Where 50% of you believe in “soul mates” and “the one”, the other 50% of you are sitting in your seats laughing at that idea. When you are not trained to understand peoples true feelings, you have no business giving out cold hard facts. You have none to give out, but an opinion! Lord knows we already have enough of them these days! I’m not knocking professionals out there who can seriously help and give couples advice. I admire these people. I just have issues with people like you and I who feel like putting a name badge on for the day and counseling people when their own lives are a wreck. Be helpful and kind of course. It’s fine to talk about your own experiences and personal lessons! But don’t play Dear Abbey when you certainly aren’t!

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  1. You sound as if somone has hurt you with their advice. Most people want to help. Don't hate them for that. Focus on the real issue. Are you happy? If not, work toward fixing that. Be positive.

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