I may not be a mommy myself, but it doesn’t mean I can’t brag about mine and those of you who are!

Being a mom is the most rewarding gift in the world. For 9 months you bond with this little being inside of you; only to bring it life, and give it all the love you could possibly give for the rest of its life. Some people look at childbirth as an unnecessary pain that shouldn’t be felt. You would go through it a thousand times over for your little munchkin. Who said being a mommy is easy?! It’s hard work! Your children consume every second of your time and energy. You have to take care of them! They don’t just take care of themselves! I’ve read countless articles about how you should really wait until every single financial measure in life is in order (Never mind the fact that it would NEVER happen) before you try for a child. What about the ones who got pregnant not trying? It happened, but they’re still living! I’ve read about how it’s better to just be a CEO corporate woman in a fancy pencil skirt and sit at a desk all day until 60 years of age. Why not balance both? Why can’t you be a mom and have a career? My mom did for years and she was amazing!

Having children isn’t for everyone though. A lot of women consider their pets as children. This is just as loving and nurturing of a task as those with human babies. You love your pets and cherish them as though they were your own children!

I’m blessed to have the mom I have, and I’m so grateful to have wonderful friends that are fabulous moms! Good job Mommies! You all rock!

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