Fact about me- My favorite movie is Forrest Gump.

I think the character Jenny (Robin Wright-Penn) is gorgeous first of all! There was always something about her character that drew me in. While I don’t completely identify with the character Jenny; I do in a way. Jenny’s character constantly felt the need to run from things. She put herself in one messy situation after another. I never put myself into anything too messy, but I did enjoy the occasional running…all the time. I identify with that because to be free is a feeling everyone longs for. For years I felt that. Jenny had Forrest regardless of how far she ran away. He never once forgot about her. In fact, he named his boat after her, would be in the middle of watching a New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and think of her, looking at the stars in the sky and his mind turned to her; or even while running away from gentleman trying to run him over, running across America for the 2nd time, or running away in Vietnam. She was completely delusional to how much he really loved her. She didn’t want to hurt Forrest; but in the end she knew he was where she always needed to be. Despite the fact they had a son, she died on a Saturday, was placed under their tree with birds flying past as he walked away; to have a love like that was something I always hoped to find ever since watching it at 9! I didn’t quite want one identical to Forrest however, but I wanted someone that was devoted to me like that. Well, I found my Forrest but unlike Jenny, it didn’t take me 20 something years to realize it. That’s an awful lot of runn-anng!

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  1. nutschell says:

    I love forrest gump!Nutschellwww.thewritingnut.comHappy A-Zing!

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