Croeso i Gymru

Last Summer I went to my Nana’s home; North Wales. I absolutely fell in love with the whole area! This is exactly why I chose to go back and settle in May. For those who haven’t yet seen this beautiful place here are some pictures! (They are scattered, but still awesome!) 🙂

This is where my Grandad worked. RAF Sealand, Flintshire. This isn’t far from where my Nana is from.

Right up a lane to the left of where these horses are is where my Nana spent her very early childhood.

                                                               The picture says it all!

                                                  This is the heart of North Wales


                                            Everywhere you drive; you see beauty.

 A Marble Cathedral off the A55 in North Wales. The history to this dates back ages! Absolutely stunning!

                                              Love the Welsh touch on this!!!

 This is a town in North Wales called, Hawarden. William Gladstone (Prime Minister 1809-1898) has a monument and castle in the town.
FYI- Hawarden High School attendees were both Michael Owen (Manchester United) and Gary Speed. (Wales Football)

                        Conwy Castle. Tourists from all over come to walk and sight see.

                                                       The Coast of North Wales.

                     Llandudno is a fabulous place to visit in North Wales! Summer’s are spectacular!



 Anglesey is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen! I high recommend coming here once in your life!


                                               Rhuddlan Castle Rhuddlan, North Wales

You aren’t far at all from different areas!

                                                                 In Conwy, North Wales.

The building are so old with so much history. 

                  This is my “Elephant Rock” in Llandudno. From a distance it looks like an elephant to me!

                                                           Boardwalk in Llandudno

And last but not least! North Wales would not be complete without a picture of sheep! Yes, they are                EVERYWHERE!!!

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2 Responses to Croeso i Gymru

  1. Love the beautiful pictures! You're lucky to have seen those sights… I'm just a little jealous! I found you through the A to Z Challenge, and will be returning for sure 🙂

  2. Stephi! says:

    It was beautiful! 🙂 Awesome!! Nice to meet you!

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