Music: Trendy Bands to Hate


Coldplay happens to be a band that I like! They get a lot of criticism for being too this and too that. Are they stereotypical? Well sure! Thousands upon thousands of morons will find themselves listening to “Yellow” on repeat! It still doesn’t take away from the simple fact that I simply like Chris Martin’s voice and the sound of a less busy band sometimes. It is now trendier to hate Coldplay than it is to listen to them now days. My philosophy is this: None of you are in my house or car with me while I listen to them, so why would I care that you think the band is weak sauce? I don’t. Not in the least bit. However, I will say one thing for sure. Don’t even act like you haven’t found yourself listening to a Coldplay song in the privacy of your own home at least once. Grow some Cahones!

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is yet another person in the music world that takes hits from countless people who have something negative to say. What is negative to say?! The only reasons I can think of is:

“His music is just far too chill for me!”

“He’s too happy.”

“He wears flip flops and has this Hawaiian vibe to him. I dislike that kind of mellow atmosphere.”

“You might see that my foot is tapping, but it’s only because I’m clearly annoyed by the rhythm of the music.”

Basically, if you find a reason to not like Jack Johnson, you must be kin to the crowd that dislikes Coldplay. You are in the “I can’t stand this one dude, because I would look like a total douche for doing so.” Get over it! Put in Banana Pancakes or Good People and just groove! You’ll probably have a happier little disposition!


I know a handful of people who adore Muse, a handful who can’t stand them, and two handfuls of people who have no idea who Muse even is, until you play “Uprising”. To those who don’t know already, Muse is quite frankly a band that rocks. The band itself has grown and evolved, like every well put together band should! There just isn’t a lot of criticism these dudes should be getting! Just like with the Coldplay and Jack Johnson hatin’ bunch, you’ll find people bashing Muse because they feel it’s just cool to do. If I asked these people to list off why they hated the album “Absolution” though, they’d find themselves at a loss. Give it an actual listen, before you start giving me lip about how you can’t stand them.
You have to listen to more than two songs to come up with an assertion of why the band sucks. (Unless of course it is Blink 182) Like it or not, it really is a trend to follow what other people think about music rather than what you personally enjoy. I have always lived by the rule that if it moves me, than that’s all that matters! I won’t hate on someone who is hated by scores of people. If their music finds me dancing around, than I can dig them!
Now, if you’ll excuse me I must put together my Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Muse playlist. 
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