Movie Theaters With Friends

I decided to try a blog topic generator my friend gave me a link to a while back. This is probably the single handiest invention known to man! It’s perfect for when you have way too many things to say, or nothing at all coming into that brain of yours! Let me give this a little plug and then I’ll carry on!

The topic I generated up was going to the movies with friends… Hold on to your seats boys and girls! This is bound to get wild!

The Problem with Movie Theaters
  • No Pause Button
  • Coughing people/People who are glued to their Phones
  • Overpriced

I am now personally trying to give up smoking; yay for me! However, it’s very irritating when you need to have a smoke break and you can’t. Why certainly you can go outside and have a smoke, but you end up looking like an uncontrollable fiend that gets glared at! People really feel like you have a problem when you need a cigarette during a two hour movie. Even if you are not a smoker; when nature calls, it just calls! So, the end result is holding everything in for the duration of the movie. You have never seen so many people simultaneously reach for a cigarette once a movie is over. People literally sprint up the aisles to get out. From all the distractions that occur and the already pent up energy; some people just lose their nerve! A theater can’t stop a movie for one person, so the easy solution is to chew Nicorette and not eat and drink 2 to 3 hours before the show.

I realize that when people have a cough, they just do. However, if you are coughing every 5 seconds, and not even the cough medicine is helping; it’s best to skip the movie and stay home to recover! It does get annoying when that really important part of the movie is happening before your eyes and the lady beside you sounds like a barking dog. It’s that precise moment when you wish you had an ear trumpet. I’m sorry, but it ruins the whole thing! This is why I stand by my statement that if movie theaters in the winter time are a cesspool of bacteria just waiting. It can’t be helped, but Red Box can! To the people who cannot go a second without talking on the phone, give it a rest while in a theater! Can it not wait?! That is the single most irritating thing to any person going to see a movie or a play. It is absolutely crazy to carry on a conversation while everyone around you is quiet and watching a movie! Turn it off or better yet, lock it in the car!

If the prices were more affordable, I think more people would actually go to the movies! I recall having a woman tell me that she spent over $40.00 for her family. That is absolutely ridiculous! The economy is in pitiful shape! At least let people have a little enjoyment that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg! Remember the dollar movie theater?! Bring it back!

It’s important to know that where I have lived and come from is a mid-sized Texas town. No, it’s not Dallas and certainly not Houston! It’s a place with a little over 100,000 people and two movie theaters, if that. You definitely cannot accuse this place of being the most exciting place in the world. Other places have amazing theaters, that I actually love going to. Going out to the movies varies on where you live and what selection you have. 🙂
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