King Ranch Chicken

I’ve had people ask me how I make my King Ranch Chicken dish. It’s absolutely delicious and those who have eaten it can’t get enough of it! I use my Papa’s recipe that he used while he was alive. I’ve seen several recipes for it, and none compare. I’m not a big fan of “crunchy’s” in my dishes or anything being “too creamy”. I personally prefer my casseroles to have some consistency to them, and so do others! I decided to give a step by step of how I make it, and hopefully it’ll become the next favorite at your household. 
I definitely won’t receive an award for presentation or photography skills. But, who is cooking like Emeril on a Saturday evening anyways?!

Boiled, deboned chicken breasts
1 Lg. Onion (Finely Chopped)
1can Golden Mushroom Soup
1can Cream of Chicken Soup
1can ROTEL tomatoes with green chilies 
1cup Chicken Broth (I use only 1/2 cup)
1lb. Shredded Cheese
8 Flour tortillas 

You’ll want to start out with boneless skinless chicken breasts. These I have in the pot aren’t boneless, but as a rule I stick with boneless. I also add salt, pepper, and I throw some diced onion in while the chicken is cooking for extra flavor. 

Side Prep: Cut your tortillas into strips. I would use the entire pack! You will need them! I always  add a little onion to the chicken while it’s cooking and then keep the rest on the side. If you hate onion, you can skip it all together, but red onion is absolutely fabulous in this dish!

A little before the chicken is done, go ahead and mix all of your ingredients together. 
Remember to add only a 1/2 cup of Chicken Broth!!! 

The mixture will look like the bowl on the right. I always cook my chicken to where it flakes off. Some like to dice their chicken, but shredded is the way I always go. Just mix the chicken in with the mixture.
The golden color is from the Golden Mushroom soup. If you do not like mushrooms, you will not like this dish. There are mushrooms all throughout. I can’t think of any substitute to make it taste the same. 

A 13×9 casserole dish is perfect! Cover the bottom with your tortilla strips like shown above. 

After you cover the bottom of the dish with tortilla strips, pour a little mixture in and spread! Sprinkle with shredded cheese  (I used 4 cheese Mexican blend) and then sprinkle on some onions. 
Repeat 2 more times! You’ll have 3 layers.

When it’s all done, it will look like this! Normally I just make some cheesy toast for the side. 🙂

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