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Fashion: A Moment with Clint Daniel

I find that today’s society prides themselves on looking tacky. People go out of their way and spend lots of money dressing like homeless hillbilly’s. I’ve always kept it simple myself. Jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of Chuck Taylor’s will … Continue reading

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The Block of Write

That moment that every writer absolutely dreads…. Writers block. :O With things going on in life, I’ve been finding it nearly impossible to sit down and actually concentrate outside of the one section of my brain that I’m most focused … Continue reading

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Movie Theaters With Friends

I decided to try a blog topic generator my friend gave me a link to a while back. This is probably the single handiest invention known to man! It’s perfect for when you have way too many things to say, … Continue reading

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A Man Getting Ready

Picture it, a woman getting ready to go out. She takes what seems like decades picking out her perfect wardrobe, and making sure her make-up and hair is done just right. Guess what gentlemen… You are no exception to this … Continue reading

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Almost 30

My birthday is approaching quickly. At first I was pretty upset about it. I’m still a few years from the age of 30 but it’s still within reaching distance. I have so many friends in their 30’s and they all … Continue reading

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King Ranch Chicken

I’ve had people ask me how I make my King Ranch Chicken dish. It’s absolutely delicious and those who have eaten it can’t get enough of it! I use my Papa’s recipe that he used while he was alive. I’ve … Continue reading

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Country Weddings

I don’t know too much about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, but I do know that their wedding  was quite popular in photography. A lot of people are looking to create their own little country wedding and there are too … Continue reading

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