Wedding Et Cetera and So Forth

Rehearsal Dinners

Even a barbecue can make a rehearsal dinner seem fun and lively! 

This is perfect for a rehearsal dinner. Much needed relaxation and fun before the big day!

Centerpieces for the table can either make or break your Rehearsal dinner/Reception. Using a little imagination can be just what the party needs!

Bride and Groom 
It’s more than okay to break away from the traditional puffy dresses and tuxedo’s! In fact, now days couples avoid it! Go for something bold and dashing! Making a statement with the attire gives the wedding much needed attitude and pizzazz! 

Cowboy boots are fashionable for weddings now. As pictured above, a nice pair can really compliment you and the girls. But, make sure that it matches the dresses, and that the dresses are at the right length for it!

Converse is about as trendy as it gets these days. It’s not at all rare to see men in chucks at a church ceremony. It can stylish and also comfortable for the men, so why not?!

Be creative with your wedding cake! There are so many cute ways to go with cakes. Ideas are everywhere on the web for unique decorating ideas. Not to mention, cakes with personality are not always made by expensive bakeries. That friend of yours who is talented with cake decorating, could easily help you with ideas! 🙂

Cupcakes are a great alternative to a wedding cake! Some like pictured above are too cute, and delicious! 

A Grooms Cake is supposed to be fun and original. He doesn’t need a square solid color, he needs something that is all about him! Here are a couple of idea’s to point you in the right direction.

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