Humane Society

I went to the Humane Society with my mother today to look for her a new pet. There is nothing that makes me happier than pet adoption. I was talking with several wonderful women in the office and one was explaining to me about how she wishes that people were more fully educated and aware of pet spaying and neutering. This is something that I do believe everyone should be aware of as well. 

I was giving attention to all the animals I saw this afternoon, but I knelt down and tears started rolling down my eyes for one dog in particular. He was a Golden Retriever somewhere between 7 or 8 years old. I looked at all the other big dogs, and knew deep down what his chances were… I petted him and gave him a little more love and affection because that very well may be the last time he has that. I cannot stress enough on the importance of adoption! These animals at these shelters need loving homes. I encourage anyone who is looking for a pet or who wants a pet to go out and adopt one! The Humane Society also deserves a big applause for all it does to give these animals care and attention. Without the people of the Humane Society and people who do go out and adopt, these poor animals wouldn’t have much of a chance.
Adopt your next pet!  Humane Society USA Humane Society International UK

The Following are pictures of a few dogs that need homes in the Wichita Falls, Texas and surrounding area. All adorable and precious! Cats are also in need of love too! 🙂

If anyone has it in their hearts to take in this beautiful Golden Retriever, please do so before it’s too late.. 😦

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