Lady Liberty in all her Glory


The 4th of July is probably the greatest day in the world to me! BBQ’s, get together’s, music, and fun spirited festivities before fireworks where every American takes a minute to pay tribute to our incredible land! You might see a tear come out of the eyes of those watching the fireworks on that evening as Lee Greenwood belts out “God Bless The USA”. That is the pride, and the love we have for our nation. It’s not very much of a secret that I took to England. I love England/North Wales as if it were my own land. But, this specific post I want to go on, and on about my own country. The country where almost everyone I came across in England wished they could come to be in.. The United States of America! The beauty of America is that we’re confident in what we wear, how we talk, what we do. We’re confident in everything we do! We do have a sense of pride about us! Why not??! We come from America!! Our soldiers, and our troops make us proud! The sacrifices that each American  in uniform has made for our freedom is overwhelming. For the countries that want to make a snide comment, I ask you to look at the files of all the times America has had your back in war times it may surprise you! After I realized that I did love England, and in the future will be going back, not once did I ever consider giving up my American Citizenship! I felt proud to have a Texan drawl! I was more than happy to explain why 80% of Americans didn’t have a passport. Look at our nation! We have everything anyone could want! We have the south, New Orleans which is one of the most mind blowing experiences anyone could ask for! We have New York City. Yes, New York City is VERY different from any other city in the world, and the New Yorkers I have met in my lifetime who have traveled to Paris, London, Tokyo, etc… all have said the same thing “It ain’t got nothing on my city!” That is the truth indeed! We have Washington D.C. and beautiful monuments. Grand Canyon, the beaches of California, Oh, did I mention Hawaii??! We have it all truly! We have a diverse culture that I appreciate. One where everyone who came here came for one purpose, and one alone they wanted to make something of themselves. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.. That is how we live, and how we are as Americans! No matter how much I love England, and love the culture that I was surrounded in, I will never forget who I am…An American! In my world, and in my heart, there will ALWAYS be a 4th of July no matter where I call home!
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