"You Should Do Something With Journalism, Love"


That was what my Uncle John told me after he listened to what I wrote about North Wales, and Liverpool. In the process of my Nana, and Aunt Louie tearing up, and crying, he looked at me smiling, and said “I’m serious! Do it right when you get back to the States. You could very well do something like this in Liverpool.” I thought about what he said, and started really thinking about it. After receiving input from more family and friends, I decided that I should do something with it! It hasn’t been long since I have been back, but I am happy to announce that I now have a gig writing! I will be writing about traveling, and historical places to see for a magazine, which will also be web based as well. I will have my own web page, and I encourage everyone to read my writing, and tell me what you think! Any input, and idea’s that anyone of you have, I want to hear them! Anyone who knows me, knows how modest I am. I will however, say I am proud of this, and I’m very proud of me! This is the first step to my future! I want to share this with someone else. Someone out there who has changed my life for the better, and who has always been my biggest fan. You’ll be home soon (I hope) 🙂 We’ll celebrate this the proper way. To my family, and close friends whom have always supported me, Thank you…This is just what I needed! Most importantly, I want to Thank my Uncle John. I wrote my Aunt Louie an email earlier telling them, so by the time they read this and check my email it will be very late for me. If it wasn’t for my Uncle John pointing out, and trying to convince me almost to get a job doing this, and living in The Pool, it would have never happened. 🙂 

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