Unexpected Joys


                                         The Unexpected Joys In Life

Around this time every single day I get either a message, or a wall post on Facebook from Cam. He tells me how his day went, how school was, if he did mint in footy, and what he had for tea. I look forward to this time everyday hearing from him. When I was in England you see, I got hugs almost every single day directly from school, in his black uniform, and all. I would hear “STTTTEEEEPPPHAAANIIE!” And running right to me for a massive hug, and then we would talk about everything that happened through his day, and mine. I taught him how to eat with just a fork, as he says the “American Way”. We would eat our omelette’s every evening for tea watching Fox News. We would ride the bus to Chester, and sit in the very, very back, because it was more “fun”! I never in a million years expected to find such love from such amazing kids. I say kids because I still haven’t included my little Lucie! Both Cameron, and Lucie are my cousin Chris’s children. When I first arrived to England, I honestly thought “Well! Strait to London for me!” Yes, well I also didn’t factor in jet lag! I’m glad I had jet lag for longer than usual, because I fell in love with North Wales, and North England, and also developed such a huge bond with these two. I remember when I did leave to go away for that long weekend, I missed them. I missed their smiling faces, and I missed seeing them. Let me now talk about my bond with Lucie. Lucie is best described as my sunshine! I always say there is one person in the world who will have my heart, well I think that person can smile, and gladly share the other section that this little girl has. I remember when I told them both that I didn’t think I’d do London, and I love our area more, their eyes got so bright, and they were so happy! “So your to stay then! And never ever go!” I literally had arms tangled in mine, with no where else TO go! 🙂 Both Cameron, and Lucie are two people that I never factored in. I never thought that I could feel such love, and such admiration from two very special people. Both of them have no idea how much they meant to me in a time when I needed that. 🙂 Life has a way of bringing you beautiful blessings, and I have received two…. That I love, and miss very much! 🙂

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