White Feather

                                                 The White Feather

I’ve always had a special relationship with feathers. I’ve always been the “free bird”. I used to pick up feathers, along with flowers when I was only small, and just be in amazement. When my Grandmother died in 2005, I always knew she would come to me in the form of feathers. I randomly see feathers all the time, and it makes me smile. However, over the last couple of months I have seen an abundance of white feathers. White feathers to me, have always symbolized peace, and good things coming. I thought it ironic that I saw all these random white feathers in the midst of finding peace within myself. I thought to myself that the mystery of “The White Feather” would end, after I feel like I found what I needed. I still see them everywhere. Blowing in the wind, on the ground where I walk. The other night I got to spend quality time with my best, and closest friend Jessie. She, and her husband John, have also been seeing an abundance in white feathers around the same time I have. It’s hard to even begin to try to understand what it means, and what it could represent. It represents something though, and I’m curious to see what is to come. The mystery of “The White Feather” continues!

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