Being that I had options so close to where I am located here in North Wales/ England, I decided that before I went to London, I would investigate the other two larger cities close by. I crossed Manchester off almost immediately. I knew I’d see Manchester eventually, but I had to get to Liverpool. Something about the name of the city just made me want to go as soon as I possibly could. The first time I went to Liverpool, I went by train. When I arrived, and got off I had this feeling of familiarity. I smelled the sea air, and felt the cool winds across my face, and I sighed, and smiled. I felt completely at home. I had never visited this place before in my life, but it were almost as if I had been there my whole life. I knew almost exactly where to go. Most people back in the states know Liverpool for soccer, as Liverpool FC is one of the most popular teams. The city is huge. However, for such a large city it was so clean, and so laid back. The people of Liverpool (Liverpudlians, or Scousers) are probably the most friendly, and down to earth people you will ever meet. I have heard almost every dialect of an English accent, and I have to say my absolute favorite is Scouse. It’s one of the most unusual, but cute, and warming I’ve come across. It was hard to gather at first but, now I’m so familiar with it that I can recognize it anywhere I go! I couldn’t stop walking around, and taking in the city for what it was, and who inhabited it. This is the birthplace to The Beatles, so naturally music is one of it’s top priorities! There is an atmosphere about this place that draws you in, and really does make you feel like your right at home. After visiting London, I feel that I can now say that Liverpool is overshadowed by London. I call Liverpool my city, because I love it that much! I always tell people in other places who want to visit America, “Come to the South first before going to New York! If you don’t, it will ruin your experience, and you won’t see the depth of our country!” ..I say this to Americans now. Come to Liverpool before going to London! If not, you won’t understand the other amazing aspects of England! But, word of advise: Bring an extra jacket! Liverpool is much cooler than “down south” England! I haven’t wrote nearly as much as I have about London, or any other experience so far, and that is mainly because this place isn’t just a visiting place to me. It’s much more 🙂

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