"What kind of plane is it? Oh, it’s a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol"


                                     (In the plane coming to England)

                                    When I first arrived in Manchester

I’ve been in England for a while now, but there is so much to say, and to write that I have to start from the beginning, and then work my way forward. So, now as I have the time to sit here at the table, drink my coffee, and look at the rain clouds forming over the meadow from this incredible view in the dining area, I shall share my experiences! 
     Before I left Texas, me and Jessie were discussing what it looks like in the plane when it goes from dark to light. Would it be like this strange position where you would see light strait ahead, and then darkness behind??! Well, I got a picture of this, as I did not sleep a WINK on the flight. The in flight movie was “Wall Street, When Money Talks” .. Michael Douglas did an excellent job.. Haha 😛 But, hour after hour my impatience grew stronger, and stronger. I would say about 1 hour away from arrival, the excitement wore off, and ABSOLUTE Tiredness came on strong. I felt like the Night of the living dead! :O After arriving, and first noticing that it looked an awful lot like San Diego, but the cars were funny looking, and everyone drove on the wrong side I realized it was only about almost 9 in the morning, when it felt like about 5 in the afternoon. I don’t even know how I made it, but I did. I came here, and crashed almost instantly. It did however, take me 5 minuets to understand the concept of the lighting here. I kept flipping the light switch up, and the light would turn off. I cussed at it, like “What is the deal???!!!” But, after noticing that the other room’s light switch happened to be the same, I realized in England to turn the light on, you flip it down, and to turn it off, you flip it up… That is still strange to me! The first night I was here, I was served a “tea”…. I was confused by this, because I saw a piece of lettuce, ham, tomato, and some cheese. I asked “what is this tea thing??? Cause, I figured I’d have a cup of tea, and not a plate of food?!”..”Tea is a meal, darling! You eat it before dinner, and after lunch!” said my Aunt.. “Ahhhh! Cool! I replied.  I ate tea, and then went back to bed for about 2 hours, then was up again. I’ve heard of jet lag really effecting some people more than others, but mine was ridiculous. I averaged about 2 hours of sleep per night, and basically thrived off of 3 hour naps throughout the first few days. The sun doesn’t set until up to 9:30PM at night here, and it rises at like 4:45AM, so I didn’t know what to do at all! My inner body clock was in America, but I was physically in England.. Screaming out for some SLEEP!!!! :O

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