The Woes of living in Paris

                                                                   This House….

Would cost you your Soul in Paris!! I’m watching International House Hunters, and they are in Paris tonight. I will tell you first hand, I couldn’t make it for a second! I can’t live in something that ain’t no bigger than a minute! If I had to use a ladder to get up to my bedroom each night, I would just sleep in a tent outside! The Bathrooms you can’t even fit into! If I walked into THAT, I would be looking around sarcastically saying “Is this a joke??!” When you have to hike your legs up to go to the Bathroom.. IT’S ROUGH! The kitchens are that of what you find in an RV Camper! You have one electrical outlet.. That’s it! No wonder people in Paris are thin! All they do is drink Coffee, and Chain smoke cause they don’t have enough space to cook a meal in there, or even breathe!! I know if I lived in something like that, I’d be depressed! My Dog E would take up too much space!! The prices for the houses are RIDICULOUS! I would NOT pay $200,000 for a 172 Sq. Ft SHACK! I would love to VISIT Paris(In a Nice Hotel, in a nice part of the city), but I would never live there… EVER! 

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